• "mustbesanta" Almost all zombies will wear Santa hats of different sizes when you unlock this code. A santa jingle is heard when you activate this code.
  • "trickortreat" Zombies will explode with candies when killed. Different from "pinata".
  • "upgradeyourmowers" Lawn mowers will be furnished in gold. Different than "trickedout".
  • "cibola" Your house will turn into gold.
  • "nuklearsilo" Cob Missles leave a trail of smoke once launched.
  • "unimitated" Every imitated plant on your lawn will have color.
  • "goldenbuckethead" turns buckets gold, which can't be stolen by magnet-shroom but can by golden magnet.
  • "starlight" Makes all starfruit and starfruit-related plants and zombies sparkle.
  • "vacuum" Lawn Mowers turn into vacuum cleaners, a vacuum sound is heard when activated.
  • "fireshoes" Zombies leave behind flames from wherever they walk, flame does not hurt anything.
  • "headless" Makes ALL zombies headless, including Dr. Zomboss.
  • "goldeneye" All of the plants' color will turn to gold.
  • "silverqueen" All of the plants' color will turn to silver.
  • "bloodelf" All plants will be bloody
  • "mustlawnmower" Turns all roof cleaners into lawn mowers.
  • "feelslikearoof" Turns all lawn mowers into roof cleaners.
  • "pekingexpress" Turns the shovel into flaming shovel, like Peking Express achievement icon
  • "immabigtankftw" Turns all lawnmowers, roof cleaners, and pool cleaners into tanks.
  • "disappear" Makes dead zombies vanish in a puff of smoke.
  • "longersmoke" All exploding plants will leave smoke for double as long.
  • "crazyseizure" Inverts all colors.
  • "mirror" Flips the screen.
  • "hardmode" Make the zombies have double the health and defensive plants have half the health.
  • "easymode" Complete opposite of hard mode.
  • "diaper" Makes all zombies have a diaper. (Note: Only works in PvZD)
  • "olddancer" Turns all Dancing Zombies and Backup Dancers into the Old Dancing Zombies and Old Backup Dancers.
  • "imitated" Every plant that has color will be imitated.


  • "up up down down left right left right b a" (arrow keys) takes you to the Sandbox Game Mode. (Plant mode and Zombie Mode)
  • "iwantaraise" toggles the zombie hand rising when you go to Adventure Mode.

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