Clown Zombie
Clown zombie
Created By CattailsWelove



Health :

50 normal damage shots

Damage :


Speed :


Clown Zombies are zombies that has a lot of attacks. Although, it is not a boss zombie.

Attacks :

  • Juggle attack : Juggles 4 colourful balls and hits 4 of your plants dealing 4 normal damage per plant.
  • I understand Orange : Is not effected by Annoying Orange-pult
  • Bull Horn : Honks a bull horn paralizing some of your plants in a row.
  • Spray : Sprays water at a row of plants slowing them down.
  • PIE!!! : Throws a pie at one of your plants dealing 60 damage to them.
  • Unicycle attack : Throws a unicycle at you plants killing it.
  • Kiss Me : Kisses one of your plants but instead eats them.

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