Chinese Sun Sunflower

Created by Bookbay


250 (+50)


Very slow



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The Chinese Sun Sunflower is an upgrade of the Sunflower. The Chinese Sunflower uses the power of the sun to turn a killed Zombie into Sun (worth 25). If the Zombie had any armor it is turned into a small Sun (worth 15) immediately.

The effect does not stack if there are more than 1 except the fact they give 50 Sun like a Twin Sunflower.

Suburban Almanac Entry

Chinese Sun Sunflower

Chinese Sun Sunflower turns defeated zombies into sun.

My power is really cool! Whenever a zombie is defeated, the sun shines on it and then it gives the energy to I can give out sun! It's great!

Must be planted on Sunflowers

Cost: 250

Recharge: very slow