The Cherry Blossom season has come, and the blossom from Crazy Dave's tree fell into your backyard.


Cherry blossom

A pool level with cherry blossom leaves.


Normal: You start with 50 sun.


Plants will get hay fever after a while and will be unable to attack or produce money or sun. You can use a Antidote Plant to put them back into action.

New plants

Antidote Plant (Before)

Fireworks Pea

Cherry Kicker

Missile Pea



Cherry-pult(Coming soon!!)

Lomedigh Pea


Zombies will sometimes move to weaker lanes to exploit weakness's. Hypno-shroom's wont work on them, because zombie's will collapse from hay fever when eating it. However, the nose-clamp Zombie can eat it with a 0% chance of hay fever

New Zombies

Power-Walk Zombie

Coming soon!

Crazy dave's speech

Wow, how much blossoms fell from my tree anyway?

Sorry about your yard, [player name].

Some plants will suffer from hay fever.

So, take this Antidote Plant.

Why did I give you that?


Good luck, [Player name]

Zombie note's

Hello, Yor garden loocs nize with cherry blozzomz, we will have a partie, just leave yur door open.


The Zombies

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