The first fanon I, Zombie level.

Call Of Zombie
Coming Soon!


I, Zombie


Hard- Very Hard

Columns of Plants


This introduces the I, Zombie Twin Sunflower, which gives you twice the sun as the normal Sunflower in I, Zombie, Twin Sunflower gives you a total of 400 sun. It acts like the Sunflower in I, Zombie but when eaten, it gives sun 8 times.

Available Plants

Available Zombies

Low sun amount (0 -75)

Imp (50 sun)

Zombie (50 sun)

Conehead Zombie(75 sun)

Newspaper Zombie(75 sun)

Medium sun amount (100 -175)

Buckethead Zombie(125 sun)

Bungee Zombie(125 sun)

High sun amount (200 -300)

Soldier Zombie (250 sun)

Very High sun amount (325 or over)

No zombies belong in this category!

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