Cabbage-pult Zombie
Type: ZomBotany Zombie.
Health: 10 normal damage shots.
Speed: Normal
Weakness: Umbrella Leaf, Umbrella Steel etc.

Cabbage-pult Zombie - is a ZomBotany Zombie that lobs cabbages at Plants.


Absorbs 10 Normal Damage Shots.

Use the Umbrella Leaf, Melon Hammer, etc. to protect your plants. It can attack Puff-shrooms, Sun-shrooms and ground plants. Peashooter and Gatling Pea Zombie cannot hit Puff-shrooms, Sun-shrooms and ground plants because they are shooting forward, Cabbage-pult lobs cabbage, not shoot cabbage forward.

Cabbage-pult Zombie better

Better Version for Cabbage-pult Zombie. By Rafael Mounta Ferreira

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