CITTC Cabbage's Garbage
Lob 4 cabbages to a Trash Can Zombie's Trash Can

Cabbage's Garbage is a Achievement that can only be achieved when you lob 4 cabbages at a Trash Can of a Trash Can Zombie. The achievement sounds impossible because lobbed-shot projectiles go past shields, but this achievement is actually possible, because when a zombie is in front of a lobbed-shot plant, the zombie will instantly be hit by lobbed-shot projectiles, which will hit the trash can.


This achivement require Cabbage-lobbing plants and importantly, the Trash Can Zombie, so you might want to play Versus Mode or Survival: Roof. When a Trash Can Zombie approaches, plant a Pumpkin in front it to delay it and plant a Cabbage-pult inside the Pumpkin, the Cabbage-pult will instantly hit the Trash Can of the Trash Can Zombie. You will have enough time for the Cabbage-pult to lobs 4 cabbages at the Trash Can.


  • This achievement name may be a reference to "Garbage in the Trash Can."
  • Lobbing frozen cabbages also count.
  • This achievement is only available for the Xbox and the DS version, probably because they are the only versions that have the Trash Can Zombie.

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