Bubble Pea

Bubble Pea
Created by GatlingPeaz




175 sun




6 normal damage shots


4 seconds


Traps zombies in bubble




3 squares

Firing rate:

2x slower

Bubble Peais a Peashooter that shoots bubbles. Bubbles will trap the zombie in its 3 column range for 4 seconds. While the zombie is inside the bubble, their speed will be reduced by 3 times, and prevents them from attacking the plants. The bubble travels slowly. The Blover and other types of Blover can blow all zombies inside the bubble away. But if the zombies inside the bubble gets attacked by plants like Spikeweed or Barrier-nut, or a Spike-shooting Plant (Cactus, Spike Pea, etc.), the bubble will pop. It can also be planted on bubbles in the Bubble Pool. Bubble Pea fires 2x slower than a normal Peashooter.

Fumes and spores and can still damage trapped zombies. Trapped zombies will take doubled damage from fumes and spores.

Zombie in the Bubble

A Zombie trapped inside a bubble

Suburban Almanac Entry

Bubble Pea

Bubble Pea traps zombies inside a bubble in a short distance for a short time.

Special: Traps zombie inside bubble

Range: short

Cost: 175

Recharge: slow


Bubble shot by Bubble Pea


  • Bubble is the slowest-traveling projectiles
  • Other projectiles (except for spikey and heavy projectiles, because they will pop the bubble) will bounce off the bubble.
  • Bubble works on Hazmat Zombie

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