Broccoali are fiery defensive plants that are quite tanky for their cost but leave an inhabitable aftertaste where they once stood.


In terms of practice, Broccoali is simple. It is able to withstand 75 bites from a zombie. After it is eaten, however, it will go up in a small flame. This flame deals 1 point of damage to any zombie that touches it for the second it appears. After the fire subsides, the tile where Broccoali was previously on becomes charred and scorched. Plants cannot be planted on this tile.

The inhabitability of the tile is present for 30 seconds. Afterwards, plants can be placed there again.

Broccoali has a secondary ability. If it is surrounded by a fire plant (excluding another Broccoali), or if a fire projectile passes through it, then it will gain a fire bubble. This bubble provides an additional 10 ndb of health, as well as dealing lighter-than-usual contact damage. The bubble can be reignited, but only after 10 seconds of the previous fire shield dying out. The new bubble will also not grant any additional health. This bubble can thaw surrounding plants and provide strong light.

Shoveling Broccoali will activate the fire and scorched tile.

Broccoali is based off of the Brassica oleracea, which includes the cultivar of broccoli. Broccoali's name is a portmanteau of "broccoli" and "coal."

Plant Food Ability

Broccoali, when Plant Food is used upon it, will encase itself in a bubble of blue fire. This bubble provides an additional 30 ndb of health, as well as dealing higher-than-usual (double) contact damage.


Broccoali offers a risk-and-reward system. If you're able to keep up your Broccoali without it dying, then you'll avoid the scorched tile. However, this requires your constant attention and sun, which can be difficult in harder stages with more zombies and distractions.

Broccoali's fire bubble is a nice unadvertised bonus. However, you shouldn't actively choose/plant fire plants just to activate the bubble, as the sacrifice of both planting space and seed packet space is not worth it.

Broccoali is not a substitute or upgrade from Wall-nut. Wall-nut doesn't render a tile useless after its eaten, but at less health.



  • Broccoali's costume and almanac entry are a reference to the tales of Santa Claus leaving lumps of coal instead of presents for misbehaving children.
  • It was partially created for the 2017 Unofficial Christmas Contest.

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