Box Zombie
Box Zombie
Created by GatlingPeaz




34 normal damage shots




Slow as Normal Zombie

Box Zombie is a normal zombie wore a box for protection. Unlike other shields, it's box can protect the zombie from Lobbed-shot plant projectiles and plant that shoot from behind of the zombie, but the box cannot protect the zombie from fumes and Spikeweed, Spikerock and Ice-crystal. The box is also freeze-proof (still can be frozen by Ice-shroom and Ice-crystal) and poison-proof, but is not fire-proof.


Absorbs 34 normal damage shots. Appearance changes upon absorption of 12, 19, 24 (at this point, it box is destroyed), 29 and before dying at 34 normal damage shots.

Surbuban Almanac Entry

Box Zombie

His box can protect attack in any directions, except from the ground.

Toughness: Low

Box Toughness Medium

All zombies have envyed and respected Box Zombie for his genius in sheilding himself with a box. They ask why he used it originally. Was it it's ability to protect all sides? Was it's useful shielding while still light enough to move? The truth is, he liked it's squareness and browness.

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