Blizzard is a stage that is on the roof. It happens at nighttime and there is a blizzard after you beat level ?-2. Some important plants include the Snow-shroom and the Fireflower. Like the roof, if the zombies get down the chimney, you lose. Created by Bobsnyder Jaden Yugi Yusei


You start with 50 Sun, like a regular level. It will not fall from the sky, because it's nighttime.


In levels ?-1 and ?-2, there are 3 pre-planted columns of Freeze-o-Pot, and the rest is ice. The rest starting from ?-3, there is only 1 pre-planted column of Freeze-o-Pot, and then your plants will be slowed down (except Snow-shroom and instant use plants). You cannot plant on the ice, but you can plant Freeze-o-Pot.

New Plants


The zombies will be slowed down a little by the blizzard, but the Jogger Zombie is super-fast (the fast zombies from the minigame Whack-a-Zombie, also includes Coneheads and Bucketheads) and therefore will still maintain the speed of a regular zombie. The most common zombies will be the Bobsled Team and the Bungee Zombie.

New Zombies

Upgrade Plants

Last Line of Defense

Roof Cleaners are still used throughout the Blizzard Levels.


After level ?-4, you will get Crazy Dave's car keys.

Crazy Dave's Speeches

Before level ?-1: Those zombies just won't give up on brains, will they? ● I heard the weather reports say that it's gonna snow. ● In fact, there's a blizzard in a few hours. ● Good luck against those zombies!

Before level ?-3: I think the blizzard's starting now. ● Freeze-o-Pot isn't gonna stop those zombies cold anymore. ● But just use that Fireflower, and you'll be OK.

Before level ?-10: It's getting cold! ● This blizzard is BAD! ● I hope you can survive!

Zombie's Note


This is Crazie Dave. Kumm over to my houze for midnite znack. There are no trapz.


Crazie Dave

P.S. The Zombies have retired.

Conveyor-Belt Level (Level ?-10)

The conveyor-belt level at the end of Blizzard is slightly different from the choose-your-seeds levels, because the blizzard gets a lot heavier and you will get neither Fireflower or Burantern from the conveyor belt. The conveyor-belt level will have 3 flags. However, the first column still has no ice.

Bungee Bash (Level ?-5)

As I said before, those Bungee Zombies are really a pain in the butt! ● But this time, there's more. ● Lucky for you, they won't be dropping the zombies.

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