This page is for GatlingPeaz's version of the Blackhole Berry. For the version by Partylover626, see Black-Hole-Berry (Partylover626).

Blackhole Berry

Blackhole Berry
Created by GatlingPeaz.




250 sun/6 Fruity Slices






4 / 8 / 16 normal damage shots


Create a blackhole

Blackhole Berry is a blackberry that after being planted will create a blackhole. All zombies in an 5x5 AoE around the Blackhole Berry will get sucked into the center of the blackhole. Pulled zombies are paralyzed and slowly pulled to the center of the blackhole. Pulled zombies also receive damage over time, the closer the zombies get to the center, the more damage is dealt. The blackhole lasts for 4 seconds. All zombies in the blackhole AoE will alway be pulled to the center before the duration ends. 

The blackhole does 4 Normal damage shots per seconds in the rear of the blackhole, 8 NDS/s in the middle and 16 NDS/s in the center.

Surbuban Almanac Entry

Blackhole Berry

Blackhole Berry creates a blackhole.

Damage: high

Special: creates a blackhole that sucks all nearby zombie into it.

Nothing is known of his background. There are only stories and legends passed down through the ages. In truth, Blackhole Berry is a mystery for whom the only true biography is description: he is a universal force, a consumer of worlds.

Cost: 250

Recharge: slow


  • He's not actually a blackberry, but a black strawberry.