Created by GatlingPeaz


Defensive Plant


Absorb 288 bites


400 (+ 125)


Very Slow




1 normal damage for each zombie bite, massive (for Vehicle Zombies)


Very short, all zombies biting it,


Damages the zombies that bite it; pops balloons, tires; stops Imps from getting to the other side of the lawn



The Barrier-nut is an upgraded version of the Tall-nut. The Barrier-nut can stop Pole Vaulting Zombies, Dolphin Rider Zombies and Pogo Zombies from jumping over it, although Ladder Zombies can still climb over them, Gargantuars must smash it 4 times before getting destroyed, blocking Imp from getting to the other side of the lawn, Zombonis and Catapult Zombies can flatten them but it will get their tires popped. Balloon Zombies will also get their balloons popped when they try to fly over it. Everytime a zombie chews Barrier-nut, the zombie will receive 1 Normal Damage


Absorb 288 bites. Appearance changes at 92 bites and 184 bites before being swallowed at 288 bites.

Suburban Almanac Entry


Barrier-nuts very tough wall plants that does small damage while zombie chewing them.

Toughness: extremely high

Special: can't be vaulted or jumped over, does small damage while zombie chewing them.

Barrier-nut has no friends. His spikes are pricking, everyone think his spikes will hurt them, so they avoid Barrier-nut. His only friend is Spikeweed. He and Spikeweed have the same feeling. He wants to get rid of his spikes so he can have friends. The only way to get rid of the spikes is to get bitten by zombies. So from that day, he joined the lawn and protected other plants and his owner's brains. But then he was enlightened when Sunflower said: "Your spikes are really helpful."

Cost: 400

Recharge: very slow


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