Bad Bowling
Created by Mattycn
Setting Autumn Area
Variation Day
Difficulty Luck Based

(Depends on where zombies come)

Bad Bowling, also as level 5 in the Autumn Area, is a very hard and advanced version of Wall Nut Bowling, its special as you can get plants like peashooter in it


Zombie (1 Hit)

Conehead (2 Hits)

Buckethead (3 Hits)

Screen Door (4 Hits from front, 1 from side)

Ladder (2 Hits from front, 1 from side, if roll in front he puts ladder on the nut so zombies can get past the nut)

Newspaper (2 Hits from front, 1 from side, if roll in front he gets mad)

Football (4 Hits)

Giga Football (5 Hits, 2 explode/giant nuts)

Gargantuar (5 Hits, 2 explode/giant nuts)

Hay Bale Zombie  (2 Hits, hay comes taking 1 hit)

Hay Cart Zombie  (2 Hits, 2 Hays come out)

Catapult (3 Hits, Shoots basketballs at the nuts)

Trash Can Zombie (3 Hits from front, 1 from side)

Yeti * (3 Hits)

Zomboni (5 Hits)

Giga Gargantuar ** (10 Hits)

Bungee Zombie ** (0.01 Hits, Impossible to hit him with a nut)

  • = If already Encountered
    • = Only in the Minigame, not in the story




Wallnut *

Explode O Nut *

Ok Common


Giant Wallnut *

Snow Pea


Kernal Pult

Umbrella Leaf

Umbrella Shield


Wallnut **

Galeting Pea 

Twin Sunfllower 



Winter Melon

Very Rare (Common Before 1st Flag

Cherry Bomb


Ice Shroom ***

Doom Shroom ***

Potatoe Mine


Melon Pult

  • = Bowling Form
    • = Not Bowling Form
      • = Wakes up Instantly


Nothing yet

If you want to make a photo get the autumn area photo and add the wall nut bowling line on it, I may remove it if it isn't so good. You don't need to ask to make one


This can also be called Wall Nut Bowling Three.

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