ZJ This article is created by the Founder, J192/Zomplant Jelo.
Brain Chezz
Created by Zomplant Jelo
Setting Chessboard Lawn
Variation Board Game
Difficulty Easy (Experts) - Hard

It is like a normal Chess board game which you capture enemy pieces and checkmate (trap) the enemy's King. When you lose by Checkmate, the Flag Zombie will walk towards your house (your plants won't harm it) and eat your brains.


Capturing Reward

  • Zombie (Pawn) = Coin ($10)
  • Buckethead Zombie, Soldier Zombie, Conehead Zombie (Rook, Knight, Bishop respectively) = Gold Coin ($50)
  • Football Zombie (Queen) = Diamond ($1000)
  • Flag Zombie (King) = Trophy/Moneybag ($1000/$250)


Read Chess on Wikipedia


Some Notes

  • In the menu, it has an option that allows the plants and zombies to be labelled. This can be used by players who forget what piece a plant or zombie is. The name of the piece appears above the plant or zombie.
  • A computer plays against you in the mini-game.
  • Clicking, tapping, etc. on a plant/zombie will make it do something corresponding to that plant/zombie. For instance, a Peashooter will shoot a pea that does nothing but make the zombie jump a little. A Plantern will glow for a small amount of time, and a Buckethead Zombie will groan and maybe clang his bucket. This will NOT take a turn

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