Attack O' Lantern is a plant unlocked in PvZ Suburbia At War. It is very similar to ghost pepper. When a zombie comes near, it turns into nightmare fuel mode (see picture.) It Haunts a zombie with blue fire. If it's any kind of zombie that's smaller than a gargantuar it will scare away every zombie near it. If it's any kind of gargantuar or higher, it will just get massive damage. After that it has to recharge, but when it's done charging, it does 1/5th less damage. Once it has done that five times, it waits a bit, then explodes. It costs 100. Suburban almanac: Attack O' Lantern, aka Terry, is very well known for being horrible and scary. But deep down inside she is a nice person. Deeper down inside is fire and death. Recharge: Relatively sluggish.


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