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Athens Zombie

Athens Zombie
A default zombie from the Ancient Greece.





Athens Zombie is a Zombie from the Seas of Bronze world of Plants vs Zombies 2: Unknown Eras DLC.


The Athens Zombie acts in the same way as normal zombies do, just walking and eating plants. It can react to some elements in the Seas of Bronze.

It is capable of walking on the water and will be affected by any plant food effect that afects the water (Acid Lemon' s Plant Food effect, for example).

The Athens Zombie can also pick tools from Weapon Stands, gaining abilities or armor.

Almanac Entry

Athens Zombie

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

A default zombie from the Ancient Greece.

"No, no, no no, no! It' s everything a misunderstanding. Its true name is Creek Zombie, but zombies do not know how to pronunciate "C", so they kept calling him by the wrong name of Greek Zombie, until Zomboss thought that Athens Zombie was a more fitting name."


Many strategies can be used against this zombie. In the Seas of Bronze, more strategies can be applied if it' s inside the water (using Tangle Kelp or Acid Lemon' s Plant Food, for example).

To avoid making the Athens Zombie interact with Weapon Stands, using Carpistachio, Laser Bean, Grave Buster or Rolling Gourd are recommended.

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