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The second world of Plants vs Zombies: The Last Reminiscence

4 new plants / 5 new zombies

Peaxel Grapevine Gateway Pixlacorn Blueberry Bitbomb + Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Division Zombie Cyber Angel
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Cyber Highway Lawn HD
Game Plants vs. Zombies: The Last Reminiscence
Number of level(s) 20
New Plant(s) Peaxel Grapevine Gateway Pixlacorn Blueberry Bitbomb
New Zombie(s) Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Division Zombie Cyber Angel
Difficulty Medium
How to unlock Complete Cloudy Skylands
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Cyber Highway is the second area in the game Plants vs. Zombies: The Last Reminiscence. The world takes place inside a robot's body, in the main computer of the robot.


Mirine (main character of the game) and Morea (another character) successfully restored peace to the Cloudy Skylands from the zombies. One day, they found a little robot named Dagtron sitting in the skylands. Dagtron looks damaged so Mirine askes if she can help with anything. Dagtron said that the main computer of his body (like brain of the robot) is affected with bad memories about the zombies, and without the main computer functioning properly, he will soon shut down. The only way to fix him is to get inside him. Mirine and Morea wanted to help Dagtron, so Dagtron shrunk them and they go into Dagtron's body, entering the Cyber Highway.


Delete Tiles are the main gimmick of this world. Any plants or zombies that stay on the Delete Tile for more than 10 seconds will be deleted.

Exclusive Brain Buster

Digital Gravity is an exclusive Brain Buster in the Cyber Highway. Gravity be the opposite direction and the lawn will be upside down, making players feel confused, that's all.


Name Image Unlocking
Peaxel Peaxel Finishing level 2
Grapevine Gateway Grapevine Gateway Finishing level 5
Pixlacorn Pixlacorn Finishing level 10
Blueberry Bitbomb Blueberry Bitbomb Finishing level 15


Name Image First seen on
Cyber Zombie (And Variants) Cyber Zombie Level 1
Dubstep Zombie Dubstep Zombie Level 3
Projector Zombie Projector Zombie Level 6
Division Zombie Division Zombie Level 11
Cyber Angel Cyber Angel Level 16


Level Plants Zombies New zombies Completion reward
1 Choice Cyber Zombie Cyber Zombie -
2 Choice Cyber Zombie - Peaxel Seed Packet
3 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Dubstep Zombie -
4 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie - -

Digital Gravity

Peaxel Grapevine Gateway Crystal Bloom Cranbamberry

Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie - Grapevine Gateway Seed Packet
6 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Projector Zombie -
7 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie - -
8 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie - -
9 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie - -

Special Delivery

Peaxel Grapevine Gateway Crunchy Macadamia Pixlacorn

Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie - Pixlacorn Seed Packet
11 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Division Zombie Division Zombie -
12 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Division Zombie - -
13 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Division Zombie - -
14 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Division Zombie - -

Digital Gravity

Peaxel Grapevine Gateway Crystal Bloom Blueberry Bitbomb

Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Division Zombie - Blueberry Bitbomb Seed Packet
16 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Division Zombie Cyber Angel Cyber Angel -
17 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Division Zombie Cyber Angel - -
18 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Division Zombie Cyber Angel - -
19 Choice Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Division Zombie Cyber Angel - -

Special Delivery

Peaxel Grapevine Gateway Pixlacorn Blueberry Bitbomb

Cyber Zombie Dubstep Zombie Projector Zombie Division Zombie Cyber Angel - -


Angelic Sphere - 3R202:23

Angelic Sphere - 3R2

Music for Cyber Highway levels

Angelic Sphere
from the music game "Deemo" perfectly represents both relaxing and techno feeling. Notice that the cover art for the song inspired the artwork of Cyber Angel.

I'm gonna chill for now.
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Area Page Examples

Game Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time
Number of level(s) 31
New Plant(s) Grass Patch (PvZ2IAT) IconPoint Rose IconVine Crane (PvZ2IAT) IconPNGGlitch BeanIconAdapt-a-shroomIcon
New Zombie(s) Gamer Zombie80sGamer Conehead80sGamer Buckethead80sGamer Flag Zombie80sPower Up Zombie IconGame Freezer Zombie2
Gravity Modifier Zombie
Cheater Zombie
Button Masher Gargantuar
Glitch Imp
Arcade Machine Zombie
Checkpoint Zombie
Zombot Televisiomech HD
Difficulty {{{Difficulty}}}
How to unlock A World Key or
US: $4,99
UK: £2,99
EU: 4,49€
TR: 10,49₺
<< Locations >>

8-bit 80's is a world in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. It's new special sneek peek Piñata Parties will start on September 7, 2015, with the new gem premium plant, Mystery Berry. It introduces a new zombie, which is the Game Freezer Zombie and the Gravity Modder Zombie.

The 8-bit 80's takes place in the late 80's, where the classic age of gaming has become popular with games such as Pac-ManDonkey Kong, and Super Mario Bros.

The main elements of this world are the spawners, wires and the surprise attack "Glitch Hop!". Spawners can spawn random zombies from the world and can be temporarily deactivated by the E.M.Peach. Wires act like the paths from Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum of Plants vs. Zombies Online. Lastly, "Glitch Hop!" is a surprise attack where Glitch Imps spawn from either the 9th column, 8th column, 7th column or the 6th column.

Game description

Game on back to the late 80's and start a new file of zomb-usting! Spawn in some plants and defend yourself from the zombies of the age of gaming history!

Order of Events

The player uses a World Key, causing them to acess the 8-bit 80's. After defeating 16 zombie attacks, the zombies leave a note through a CD game called "Grabbing Your Brainz!". On Day 16, Dr. Zomboss leaves a note, then the wave attacks, but then was defeated by a blockade of plants, and leaving behind a World Key.


Day 1

Crazy Dave: Hey! Everything looks box-y!

Penny: They are called "pixels", User Dave. Also, we arrived in the 8-bit 80's.

Crazy Dave: Does that mean....VIDEO GAMES?

Penny: Yes User Dave. Yes it does. Anyways, I detect spawners in the lawn. They can be able to spawn zombies for a short while.

Crazy Dave: Be afraid not Penny, since we shall give them zombies a GAME OVER!

Day 4

Crazy Dave: Woah! Where did these liqorice come from? Looks delicious with my taco.

Penny: Those are not liqorice User Dave, those are wires.

Crazy Dave: Woah! Wires look delicious with my taco!

Penny: No User Dave, they are not edible, meaning they can't be eaten. Anyways, these wires can make zombies move slightly faster, and you can't plant there.

Crazy Dave: Insert "how to counter this?" message here please.

Penny: When things like these happen, we can rely on the Grass Patch! This little fellow can permanently turn himself into a platform, letting you plant in un-plantable places.

Crazy Dave: You know, he has no style and he has no grace! He has an awkward face! He can't handstand when he needs to. An-

Penny: We've heard enough User Dave.

Day 6

Crazy Dave: I need a prize for being tons a CRAZY today. But, I'm a bit too lazy to reach it.

Penny: Prize you say User Dave? Well it's time to use the Vine Crane! He can move tile-based objects like the teleporter tiles to another place, along with grabbing projectiles on the floor and dropping them on zombies in his row!

Crazy Dave: I might have plans for this guy, since I dropped my favorite peanut butter somewhere out there in the pale pixel light!

Penny: How did you even drop your peanut- nevermind.

Day 8

Crazy Dave: You know what isn't fair? How you get to kill zombies and no points!? We did our best to defend ourselves and this is the price we get paid? Hopefully the points can be used to make a taco.

Penny: Speaking of points, I replaced the snowballs and the fireballs with points. The Power Point power-up shoot random numbers from numbers 1 - 5 with damage depending on the what the number is.

Crazy Dave: Nice! Can they be converted to tacos?

Penny: No.

Day 13

Crazy Dave: The face when we want a surprise without having to use actual money. We call in..

Penny: Mystery Berry! He can turn himself into items which you can grab for goodies!

Crazy Dave: Can he turn himself into a taco?

Penny: What do you think, User Dave?

Crazy Dave: Yes! He can like, turn himself into anything! I believe he can turn himself into a phone cat!

Penny: ...

Day 15 (Note Speech)

Crazy Dave: Look Penny! A CD Game! Feed the Brainz for my Crazy Entertainment Box! Lets get my CEB on my seat Penny!

Penny: Umm... User Dave, you dropped it when we were travelling here.

Crazy Dave: Really?! Well, still looks like a craaazzzyyyy nice game.

Penny: Better not be a ZGN game. Lots of nerds say that if it's a ZGN game, it's bad.

Crazy Dave: Don't look now Penny, it's made by ZGN, Zeppar Goose Nates!

Penny: Ugh... and it's Zombie Gamer Nations, thank you very much.

Day 16

Dr. Zomboss: Oh, I see you want to play a game. Well, sorry, this game is gonna bad... Gargantuar bad! Hope to see you get rekt from them then get a bad Game Over! Sincerely, Dr. Zomboss.

Crazy Dave: Someone must be crazy to have a smashy washy which he can to throw at people. I bet he uses magic to make it bounce back to him when he throws.

Penny: User Dave, magic doesn't exist, and we really don't like game overs aswell.

Day 17

Crazy Dave: You know, it's is REAALLLY boring if you have some NORMIE game, right?

Penny: Not everyone hates a "normie" game.

Crazy Dave: Really? But anyways, if you want to take down zombies in some extra ordinary way, you can always depend on the Glitch Bean!

Penny: Anyone who eats a Glitch Bean will suffer it's glitchy effects

Crazy Dave: Wait, BZZZZZZZZZZZRT side-e-e-e-e-e-e-fe-feeeeeeeeeects?

Penny: User Dave, please.

Day 22

Penny: The online communication net says that the former owner of this house liked science. Adaption specifically.

Crazy Dave: Speaking of adaption, we have something just like em'!

Penny: Meet the Adapt-a-shroom! He can adapt abilities from zombies for a minute.

Crazy Dave: I really think that I'm gonna adapt to that fella! It must be really adapting to be with the dude. Funny pun right?

Penny: I see no puns in that joke, and it's not funny.

Day 27

Crazy Dave: Penny, I found a joystick to play my video games on!

Penny: Those types of joysticks are used in game tournaments and rampaging challenges.

Crazy Dave: Time to game on then! It's better than game over.

Day 31

Before Battle

Dr. Zomboss: It seems you have reached the boss battle. Well well! Before we totally give you a painful game over, making you get rekt in the process, I must ask. Penny, do you really think Crazy Dave is trying to get the taco? He might have sent you to this journey just to abandon you. You know, he can just buy a taco from any store. He may not be what he seems.

Penny: I am not sure about that query. Crazy Dave is crazy, but then again, he may be pretending to do so. I will scan his brain to ensure this. For a robot, I actually fear abandonment... a little bit.

After Battle

Penny: I am back, and conclusion says that Crazy Dave is indeed crazy and crazy enough to start this journey. Right Dave?

Crazy Dave: Hey, have you seen my peanut buttter?

Penny: Right.

Dr. Zomboss: Well, great job. You have beaten me for now. But take note, I still have a few extra lives left, I will return and I will ensure that I will have you get rekt! I'll BRB, till I return!

Retro Rampage

Crazy Dave: Hi neighbor, press started you have done, so welcome to the Retro Rampage. Here you'll learn that even video games can lead to destruction.



Brain Busters

Save Our Seeds

The player has to survive a a wave of zombies while protecting endangered Point Roses. Otherwise, they will fail the level.

Crane Game

Crane Game is 8-bit 80's exclusive mini-game. In this Brain Buster, you have to use one Vine Crane to throw obstacles released by an obstacle spawner next to the column where Vine Crane was placed at the zombies while. If the zombies eat your Vine Crane, you will lose.

Last Stand

The player must survive a flag in order to complete the level. In this Brain Buster, the player is given an extreme amount of sun to make use of and two or three Plant Foods at their disposal, because there will be no glowing zombies or falling suns to replenish sun for plant production to aid the player for a victory. Sunflowers, Iceberg Lettuces, Twin Sunflowers, Sun-shrooms,and Sun Beans aren't allowed in this Brain Buster. If the player is very creative enough to formulate his own plan, they can win without the aid of any Plant Food.



  • Its original name was "Retro 90's".
  • It is the second world not to mention it's specific year, the first being Big Wave Beach.
  • The house resembles the Nintendo Entertainment System A.K.A the NES.
  • It is the second world to have a world-exclusive power-up, which is the Power Point.
  • All the new plants and zombies in this world are pixelated.
  • The 8-bit Zombies can also appear in this world, but only on certain levels.

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