Annihilation Pea
Annihilation Pea can shoot EXTREMELY POWERFUL PEAS







Upgrade of:


Upgrades to:

Annihilation Bomb


Takes 60 seconds to recharge between shots

Almanac Joke:

Annihilation Pea didn't like his Almanac Entry, so he annihilated it. This is what he replaced it with.

The Annihilation Pea is a very powerful plant, but it is manually activated and takes a long time to recharge between shots. It takes ten seconds to charge initially, and then you can click on it to make it shoot an Annihilating Pea, which deals 30 damage to the zombie it hits and 10 damage to EVERY OTHER ZOMBIE ONSCREEN. It is however very costly, and after each shot it takes 60 seconds to recharge before it can be fired again.

Made by Milesprower2.


Most of this info is covered in the Infobox.

Type: Offensive.

Cost: 300 Sun.

Recharge: Slow.

Rate-of-fire: Charges up one Annihilation Pea every 60 seconds.

Attack Strength: 30nds (direct hit), 10nds (every other zombie).

Special: Takes 60 seconds to recharge between shots.

Range: Forwards in the row (pea), whole screen (splash effect).

Introduced in: FP: Zomboss's Base (?-6).

Appearance: A Peashooter with a blue stalk, red head and green eyes. Its Annihilating Peas are red, green and blue.


This is perfect for fighting zombies which can bypass your defenses, as the splash effect even works on things like Diggers and flying zombies. Just be careful, make sure you use it at the right time, ideally when a strong zombie will recieve the direct hit.


You can use this plant in your games, minigames, and other creations without the creator's permission!

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