Angels Trumpet
Angel Trumpet
By Leotard P


6 normal bites


Very slow




Can give an abnormal statuses to each Zombies in 10% chance

Almanac Entry

Grown up in the Chruch garden by the acolytes and preists Angels Trumpet fated to turn any zombies into abnormal statuses and let anyone happy with her


Angels Trumpet can be useful in Survival: Endless by giving abnormal statuses to each Zombies. The abnormal status can be poison, slow, frosted, dizzy, and hypnotize. Poisoned zombie will lost his 2 health point in every 5 seconds(as same as 2 normal damage). Slowed zombie will moving slowly because of ice. Frosted zombie will stopped for a while. Dizzied zombie will move in zig-zag pattern(about 2 rows) and ignore your Plants in 20 seconds. Hypnotized zombies will fight you as friend against another Zombies and eat cannibally. She has 10% chance to give abnormal statuses to each Zombies
Imitater Angel Trumpet


  • It apperance are similiar with Brugmansia, a highland flower
  • In Indonesian can be called as "Terompet Malaikat"

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