Alpha or Omega?
Coming Soon!
Created by An Unregistered contributor
Setting Roof
Variation Boss Battle
Difficulty Hard

Alpha or Omega? is a mini-game where the player has to beat the Omega Gargantuar. It starts out like the Dr. Zomboss battle as it looks over to the zombies you will be seeing however there will be some motion blurs and the battle will begin. However after beating the Gargantuar there are 4 grueling waves of Imps and King Imps and Giga Imps. More imps will be dropped by Bungee Zombies once all have been defeated the trophy will drop yielding 6 diamonds.


The Omega Gargantuar will teleport around so he can't be hit. Then he will go up to the first plant in a row and smash it causing a shockwave. That's why there are Wall and Tall-nuts to block the shockwave. Start with Cabbage and Kernel-pults and keep going until you can replace them with Melon-pults and keep one Kernel-pult in the row. He will also send a Crazy Gargantuar and will not come back until the Crazy Gargantuar is destroyed. Then have a column of Wall and Tall-nuts. and then a row of flower pots to take the smash. There are also the jalapenos and ice-shrooms. Ice-shrooms are incredibly helpful as they freeze the Gargantuar on the spot allowing him to be pounded. He will also teleport slower so he can be hit. Sometimes very rarely though you will be able to get upgrades such as Wall and Tall rocks and Winter Melons etc. allowing to defeat him easier. However then there are the 4 waves of Imps after he is defeated. the imps will not be dropped by Bungee Zombies beyond the part where the roof curves so that is an ideal place to put your Wall and Tall-nuts/rocks. ultimately once every single imp has been defeated the gargantuar will appear again however he will be swaying. You will get a Flower Pot to finally defeat the Omega Gargantuar. Then the mini-game ends.





Flower Pot



Winter Melon





Coffee Bean

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