Sun production:15 sun every 10 seconds.

cost: 125 sun. (plus 75 sun for the coffee bean)

special:always sleeps.

health: 8 bites.

upgrade: no.

almanac entry:there was no sun on Alien flower's poor planet. but, he just loves it, now that he`s got so much of it. "I love sun" says Alien flower. So he makes it all the time, but sadly it makes him tired so he sleeps, a lot.

Alien Flower imi

An Imitater Alien Flower

180px-Alien Flower Sleeping

A sleeping Alien Flower.

Alien Flower
Predicting the future!
This creation now exists in a Plants vs. Zombies game, but did not at the time of its creation. The official plant/zombie is Alien Flower and this creation was made on May 28, 2011.

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