The Akihabara Streets are the lands of Otaku and everything about technology, anime, etc. This area consists of pedestrians with paving blocks, so grassblocks or flower pots will be needed on this area. Remember if the zombies enter the anime shop which full of civilians you will be game over. The last line of defense will be a starship-like RC.

Available Plants

Appearing Zombies

The zombies will commonly appear will be ordinary zombies, Conehead, and Buckethead Zombies, but some new zombies will appear in this stage.

Some Information


You will start each level with 50 sun as usual.

Last line of Defense

A starship-like RC will be placed in last line of defense. When it gets in contact with the Zombie, the RC will shoot a laser to the lane and move out. It is basically the same as a lawn mower.

NinOtaku (Level 5 of this area)

Some Ninjas and Otakus will commonly appear in this level. This level is a conveyor-belt level, and the only plants you get are Cherry Bomb, Melon-pult, Wooden Shield and Chomper to beat this level.

Majokko ni Ragnarok (Level 10 of this Area)

The last level of this area will feature the Boss Zombie called "Mahou Shoujo Yamirikka Zomboss", a female Zombie who leads all Zombies in Japan.

Zombie's Note


We wood like to have an animay partee, sow wanna join? If u say no we will eat ur brainz! We're havin the ruler of all da zombies in Japan for this one.


The Zombies

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