Sun cost





5 NDS per leaf


Whole lawn


UK: £4.99 · TR: ₺10.49 · POL: zł16.38 · MX: $43.00 · $6.98 THB: ฿102.09


Shoots very fast; can target anywhere on lawn



The Acetinidia is a Money Premium Plant associated with The Jungle Of Legends - Part 1. It is a sharpshooter Plant that can be used to take out tough Zombies quickly.


Acetinidia is a pun on 'Ace' and 'Actinidia', a real-life jungle plant (referencing its world association). The 'Ace' part comes from its shooting skills.


Plants vs. Zombies 2

In this game, it is unlocked in the Secret DLC pack by buying it. It is the preferable Jungle Of Legends plant since it does so much damage so quickly.

Almanac entry

Sun Cost: 200

Damage: Heavy

Range: Whole lawn

Recharge: Mediocre

Toughness: Typical

Acetinidia sharpshoots high-power leaves at Zombies, but only has 6 and must grow them back once they run out. They will not shoot until they've all grown back.

Acetinidia is an ace at shooting. She has a whole range of targeting simulators at home. Too bad she won't show it to anyone.


Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plant Food effect

When given Plant Food, it shoots one 50-damage leaf at each Zombie on screen, regenerates all its leaves and stalls a bit before shooting again.


When given Plant Food, its leaves become blue and do 10 damage for the rest of the level.


There isn't much strategy required once you have 5 Acetinidia. Just keep them well-defended because they take 6 seconds to regenerate once they lose their leaves (1 for each) and will not shoot in that time. It can take down a Gargantuar single-handedly if given enough time to regenerate twice. Its Plant Food effect itself can completely change the battle if used at the right time. The Costumed effect should be used as early as possible because this will let it kill a Basic Zombie in one shot instead of two (thus taking care of Zombies twice as fast).

Endless Zone

They can be a huge help in the later levels as mainly strong Zombies appear. Just make sure to defend them to give them time to grow their leaves back.


Coming Soon


  • The Premium attribute to this Plant was added solely to nerf it.
  • Yes, Acetinidia is a girl.

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