80's Zombie
80's Zombie
Created by Guppie the Third
Type: Zombies
Toughness: 20 nds
Speed: Normal, then fast


The 80's Zombie enters the lawn slowly. After 2 rows, it speeds up its walking while doing dance steps. Typical disco music plays and a color changing spotlight appears out of the sky, just like the Dancing Zombie.

The 80's Zombie absorbs 20 normal damage shots and its appearance changes upon an absorption of 11 normal damage shots before dying at 20 normal damage shots.

Almanac Entry

Stoplight Zombie

The Stoplight Zombie changes the speed of your plants.

Toughness: medium

He is a disco animal. He knows that his moves and clothing are so back then, but he really doesn't care.


  • The cattail head was from a previous attack that the zombies had won.
    • The cattail head does not affect his health or anything, it's fashion, it claims.

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